This site is designed to provide a taste of my fantasy fiction work.  Here you will find overviews of and pieces from my (as yet unpublished) books, as well as background material, artwork, and short stories from those worlds, with content that will expand and evolve over time as more is written and developed.  I hope that you enjoy what you see here, and know that as soon as anything is slated to be actually published, this site will make it clear where and when you can find it.


On this site:


The World of Kern Heights

Kern Heights is a seven-volume novel that was begun years ago and is still undergoing final revisions.  The world in which it is set has been the primary focus of my writing for many years.  Its origins began when I was in high school and desired to create a fantasy universe that worked as a real world, unlike so many I was familiar with that were filled with innumerable species of fantastical creatures with no means of sustaining themselves and magical systems that had no plausible basis in a world governed by any sort of natural laws.  I aimed to create a world more firmly grounded in plausible history, which by the time of Kern Heights is at a level closely resembling the culture and technology of fifth and sixth century C.E. Earth, but with remnants from a distant past when there was greater knowledge and power that still lurk in the hidden corners of the world to trouble its inhabitants.


The Doorwalkers

I began this series much later, as a way to write something that my daughter (who was very young when the story was first conceived) might enjoy.  It follows the adventures of three young girls after they discover a mysterious door hidden beneath one of their beds, a door which leads to a Hall full of other doors, each of them leading to other worlds.  There they meet strange peoples and creatures many sorts, and learn about terrible dangers that threaten all worlds connected by the Hall.