Though I am the sole employee of REER, by no means do I work alone.  I have been blessed to work with some truly outstanding people who are serving as co-leads on my projects.

David Bell

Dr. David Bell is a Professor of the Practice of International Development, in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University.  He has a range of experience in the field of international development program development, management, and evaluation.  More specifically, he has worked as an evaluation consultant of educational programs, including a Full Service Community School, Teaching World History and Geography; Teaching American History; a Teacher Induction program; a Chemistry In-Service Teacher Education program; a Math In-Service Teacher Education program; a Curriculum Validation of Innovation and Design, E-Commerce Entrepreneurship and Digital Engineering program; and an Upstream Nursing Preparation program.


David’s current teaching includes undergraduate courses in research methods and design, and graduate courses in international development program development and management, and in program monitoring and evaluation.


I have worked together with Dave for many years while I was working at SageFox Consulting Group, most especially on the Teaching American History program.  Currently, he is helping co-lead the evaluation of the Michigan LSAMP project.

Dominique Graham

Dominique Graham is a double alum of Rutgers University, where she earned a master’s degree in Learning, Cognition and Development and a bachelor’s in Biological Sciences.  Dominique has a seasoned background in higher education, program evaluation, and strategic initiatives aimed to enhance access/equity for marginalized populations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  Dominique’s work in higher education spans approximately a decade, during which she held various leadership roles, including working with state- and federally-funded programs such as GS-LSAMP, EOF, SSS, TRIO-McNair Scholars, S-STEM, and NJ-STEP/Mountainview Community.  Dominique has made a significant impact on the Rutgers community by serving as the Program Coordinator of the nationally recognized STEM Research Program, GS-LSAMP, for 5 years, mentoring and supporting the graduation efforts of 500+ college students, supporting the graduation of 300+ STEM majors, and coaching 10+ students who successfully earned the NSF-Bridges to the Doctorate fellowships.  Dominique also participated in the first-ever research study to examine confidence beliefs and transfer rates of 2-year college students mentored by 4-year college STEM mentors in a project called Cross-Campus Peer Mentoring (CCPM). She presented the findings of CCPM at the American Educational Research Association conference in April, 2018.

Dominique’s current research interests involve social equity, student identity development/self-efficacy, and restorative practices.  In her spare time, Dominique enjoys road trips, hot yoga, and game nights with family.  Dominique is passionate about creating sustainable college pathways and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to innovate meaningful opportunities for all learners.

I met Dominique when she was serving as Program Coordinator for the GS-LSAMP program, and now she has moved from coordinator to take the role of co-lead evaluator for the Michigan LSAMP project.

Ami Slater

The majority of Ami’s professional years have been in language interpretation, including training, mentoring, and implementing distance interpreting technology.  The process of interpretation has fueled her learning about shared meaning and intention in communication.  The experience has opened the door to a number of cultures.  Ami is the Lead for the Professional Development Circle for the Massachusetts chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf as the Certification Maintenance Program Administrator.

Ami’s 18 years as an educator have taught her pedagogy perspectives and means of psychological support for learning.  She is currently learning and practicing Sociocracy, a unique approach to running meetings and organizations which supports equity and efficiency.

Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities including camping, stand-up paddleboarding, biking, and kayaking.

Ami and I have only just started working together on the Engineering PLUS INCLUDES project hosted by Northeastern University, for which she is acting as a co-external evaluator.

Bradford Wheeler

Brad has over a decade of experience in higher education. With a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies, he has led numerous faculty development initiatives, and designed engaging online courses. Brad focuses on enhancing educational experiences through innovation and continuous improvement. His work as a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist at SageFox Consulting Group significantly enriched his expertise in research and evaluation, providing a solid foundation that continues to inform his work and approach in the field.



I began working with Brad when he was at SageFox in 2006, and now, after many years working in higher education, he has re-entered the evaluation space through his work on the Shoreline-West STEMConnect and NewGeo projects.