Hello, I am Dr. Kenneth A. Rath, Director and sole employee of Rath Educational Evaluation & Research (REER).  I have been an educational evaluator and researcher since 1998, and have worked with projects across the country, mostly through colleges and universities, but also in K-12 and at informal educational institutions such as museums.


My goal as an evaluator is to help partnering projects understand how effective their efforts are at achieving their goals and to continually improve what they are doing for the benefit of those whom they are serving.  I think of myself as working for the project with the intent of helping it become as successful as it can be rather than as an external judge who grades it from a distance.  I also enjoy diving into a project to understand how it works, and what its real effects are.  I am particularly interested in projects that provide support to students and learners from underserved populations and that have a positive impact on social and environmental justice.

I am based in Amherst, Massachusetts, though the projects I work on are as far afield as Alabama, Michigan, and California.